The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Autumn at the Lake -- Saturday Morning

A crisp, cold Saturday autumn morning at my lake seemed like the perfect time to take a walk down Hotel Road and Hermitage Road and see how long I could last in the 30-degree cold.

Standing at Hotel Road and Creekside Drive, looking toward Hermitage Road.

It would definitely be beautiful this morning, as far as color was concerned.  I heard a tap-tap-tap, and looked up to see a woodpecker in the tree below.  You'll have to look closely to see him as I didn't have my telephoto lens with me.  He's almost at the top of the main trunk, with a red head.

I stopped on Hotel Road right where it meets Hermitage Road (the main road out to Route 3), and looked up.  Oh, yes, the colors were beautiful!

Up Hermitage Road is a nature preserve--actually, the preserve covers a good sized space along Hermitage and Hotel Roads--and this morning it was still and peaceful, with a few pops of color.

 Crossing the old railroad tracks beyond the nature preserve.

Wildflower along the railroad tracks.

I lingered a while, then came back to the nature preserve, below.

As I made my way back to Hotel Road to turn and go back to my parents' cottage, I paused for this shot below.  It's the best one from my morning walk, with a variety of colors and trees, with the leaf-lined road curving to the right and to my parents' cottage.  I know the lake is there, just around that corner; that makes this particular photo that much more meaningful.

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