The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Furniture from Friends

March 31.

Friends moved away.  *sniff*  I really miss Becky now, but I've got some "pieces" of her, physical ones outside the treasured friendship in my heart.  We helped Becky's family pack up, then pack some more, get rid of things, de-clutter, pack some more...

Packing and moving is a tedious process, and I don't want to do it any time soon.  I sure hope I don't have to.  Anyway, Tim and Becky gave us two dressers--one tall chest of drawers, which went into Joseph's/Jacob's bedroom, and one long dresser, which went into Danny's/Thomas' bedroom.  Before that, though, they gave us an end table with an attached lamp.  I found the perfect spot for it, and I think of the S. family every time I sit in my family room.

We had a nightstand my grandpa made for me, and that was between the two single chairs.  It served its purpose well, and held all of Thomas' schoolbooks, which was better than having them strewn all over the floor.  Those two holes you see in the back of the nightstand were ones I cut out very long ago, I think to hold cords for my alarm clock and something else I can't remember.  We moved the nightstand into the dining room for a little extra storage in a corner.

Now I just need a beautiful canvas photograph on the wall!

In order for the boys to have dressers in their rooms, one big "dresser" had to be removed (from Danny's/Thomas' room).

Want a dresser/chest of drawers?  We're selling it for only $30!  Let me know!  :)

Now, my big strong guys muscled the long dresser up and into the younger guys' room.

Yeah, the walls are blue.  Very blue.  We painted it in an ocean theme many years ago, and now the guys are grown and have outgrown it.  But we don't have new paint.  Maybe when the move out?  Oh, well, they usually just read and sleep in there, so it doesn't matter too much.  :)

One day when Jacob and Danny were gone for the day, and Fernando was training at his new (hopefully) job, I got Joseph and Thomas to carry the chest of drawers up to Joseph's/Jacob's room.

Okay, so those are Thomas' shorts sticking out from his sweat pants.  Just fyi.

Oh, I'm so totally sure you're marveling at that pile of clothes on Jacob's bed.  He and Joseph have captain's beds, with four drawers, but Jacob's clothes seemed to never make their way into those drawers.  He claimed they were full.  ;)

This chest of drawers is basically Jacob's.  He was very thankful that I organized all his clothes inside.  I hope they're still at least inside the drawers and not all over.  One can hope!

And now I have physical reminders of my treasured friend who moved away!

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