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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surf Isn't All That's Up -- Florida Part II

Each day in Florida brought many memories to cherish, and I have loved going back through all my images and thinking back just a few days to the great moments in our vacation.  Today I'd like to share some images, not about surf (which is up!), but about something else which goes up.  ;)

When we heard that the Space Shuttle Endeavor's launch had been pushed back to Monday the 16th, we were thrilled!  And morning was a perfect time for lift-off.  Everyone gathered on the beach to gaze off into the northern distance.  Vero Beach is about an hour's drive from the Kennedy Space Center and Launch Pad B, but we knew we'd be able to see Endeavor as she flew up into space, if the weather cooperated.  And it did.

In just a few minutes, Endeavour passed through the sky, on to outer space.  Just a swirly cloud trail remained.  Several minutes after she disappeared, we heard the low rumble.  Danny, watching from the beach cottage balcony, said that he felt the trembling, too.  It was truly awesome.

What a treat--and a huge blessing--to have the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center a few days later!  We spent the entire day there, inspecting all the exhibits, and going on the bus tour to the observation deck to view Launch Pad B (really cool!), and the Saturn V rocket exhibit center.

The Rocket Garden (never heard of that one before...)

Astronauts must have been a lot smaller back then.  Thomas was the only one who could sit halfway comfortably inside the module below.  :)

The Saturn V rocket assembly--impressive

Launch Pad B -- two days after Endeavour

Serious horsepower!

Apollo 13 module -- another amazing story

And here is our gang.  We loved every aspect of the Kennedy Space Center; there was not one thing that stood out significantly.  Every exhibit, every rocket--it was all fascinating.  Thanks, Dad and Mom, for giving us the incredible opportunity of going!

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