The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Friday, May 20, 2016

Red Rover, Red Rachel

A week ago, Fernando drove home in Arctek Red.  I let her sit in our driveway for a few days, letting her get acclimated to our suburban home and our chilly but beautiful Chicago spring weather, before I went out to greet her and introduce myself.

Before I go any further, I do want to give you a caveat:  I am whimsical.  Although I treat these satellite trucks as though they have personalities (which they do, believe me--why do so many people name their cars, right?), and although my words here may sound "spiritual," and my actions like a spiritual exercise, they are not.  It is pure whimsy on my part.  My faith is in God, and it rests solidly there.  I simply enjoy being quirky as the Lord brings these trucks into our lives--for a blessing, both for us and for Arctek.  That's said, I'll type on now...

So far, I've named these trucks after girls--Penelope (Purple), Sandy (Cyan).  Before I went outside to get to know this new truck, I thought it might be a guy; after all, Fernando did tell me that the odometer is 500,000+ miles and it seemed to me this truck was a tough fighter (not that girls aren't, but it's what I thought).  So this beauty has definitely seen some road and a lot of life.  As I got to know her, though, I realized that she was classy and beautiful, and needed a name to reflect that.  Red Rover, although playful, wouldn't do.

The blue painted swoosh of her logo was peeling, hinting at her age.  That reminded me of my own self, even though I feel 23 at heart!  Fernando says I'm a Jaguar convertible--classy and playful, sleek and beautiful and fun.  I can definitely relate to this beauty of a vehicle.

I walked around this truck, putting my hand on her side every now and then and thanking the Lord for her presence in our driveway.  I thanked the Lord for a new path, the opportunity to get to know this truck whether or not I get to drive her (Fernando says she gets interesting between 50-60mph--a shake, a shimmy, then she smooths out).

This isn't home for her, obviously, but I hope she'll enjoy her time with us.  Whether I get to meet all of Arctek's trucks or not, I'm grateful to have this one, Red, in our driveway.  I'm thankful she came to visit, and however long she's here, I'll think of Him, His faithfulness, His hope borne in my heart, His future already planned for me.

By the end of our meet and greet, I knew her name was Rachel.  She's a classic beauty, as I said, but with age comes experience and wisdom from miles traveled, things experienced, and sights seen.

There's a newness with Rachel's presence, and I feel new life seeping into my bones, my heart, my being.  I feel the upbeat of the Spirit, bringing a lilt to my heart's music and a sparkle to my mind.  It's appropriate that it's spring outside, with the newness of color, green grass and flowers, and He has brought spring to my heart.  Life won't suddenly become all smiles and roses, of course, but I'm definitely going to enjoy this newness, where everything seems to come alive.

Back to life,

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