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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Biochemist, by Degree

Sunday, May 10.

Danny graduated today.  I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day gift.

He was allowed four tickets to the ceremony, so Fernando (who just made it home the night before in Arctek Purple--read the back story here) and I, along with my dad and mom, made the trip downtown Chicago with Danny.

Since seating was general admission, we texted Danny our location as soon as we were seated, and we got a good look at him--and he at us!

Cheryl Underwood--host of CBS' The Talk--was the commencement speaker.

Mortarboards sported a variety of messages, including this humorous one...

Danny isn't sure if he'll graduate magna cum laude or cum laude, but the school gave him the bronze tassel for cum laude.  He'll know in a few weeks what his final grade is, and that'll be the determination.

My baby walking the stage!

Afterwards, Harrison Street was closed as thousands of graduates and parents flooded the area.  I held up my camera and shot to get the below image of the chaos.

We finally found Danny, then took the standard posed shots.  :)

Well, Danny, you did it.  You worked your tail off, knuckled down, and finished the task before you.  Dad and I are so blessed to be your parents, and are so thankful the Lord decided to bless us with you.

You are an amazing young man!

Back to life,

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