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Friday, April 24, 2015

Turmeric Tea

Springtime is turmeric time, and I was ready to experiment with making turmeric tea.

The biggest health benefit of this root is its anti-inflammatory properties.  It has been found to contain more than two dozen anti-inflammatory agents, so it is especially helpful for arthritis.  Fernando was happy to give it a try, since he deals with aches and pains when the weather changes up and down--usually in spring and autumn.

Studies have also shown that turmeric has great cancer-fighting and Alzheimer-blocking properties, even in comparison with man-made pharmaceuticals.  So the benefits are definitely worth trying this tea!  Fresh turmeric can have a bitter bite, so you may consider using half turmeric root and half ginger root when making your tea (you'll see that in the recipe below).

I added milk, or coconut milk, to my tea, and you can see that in my pictures here.  You can sweeten it--with honey, that's the best--and you can also drink it hot or cold.

Turmeric Tea

Fresh turmeric root (I found organic turmeric root at Whole Foods this spring!)
3-4 cups freshly filtered water

Thin slice two inches of fresh turmeric.  You can also use half turmeric root and half ginger root; I found the tea just fine with only turmeric root.

Add turmeric to 3-4 cups of freshly filtered water.  Bring to boil.  Cover and simmer 30 minutes to an hour.  Set aside overnight.

Strain out the root and reserve the liquid (called infusion).  You may use the root in another batch of tea.  Reheat the mixture when you’re ready for tea.   Dilute (or not) the infusion to taste.   Sweeten with honey.

This tea is also great iced. It’s best to sweeten it (use honey!) when it’s warm/hot; simply pour the hot, sweetened mixture over ice. Or, after sweetening it, let it cool and refrigerate it before drinking it cold.

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