The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Monday, April 20, 2015

Timing is Everything

March 5.

I'll just jump right in to this story, okay?  You've probably heard the phrase God is good before, and wondered why Christians say that so often.  Or maybe not, but still, you're wondering why I'm saying it now.  I mean, look at this first picture below.  There's a hole in my ceiling.

Trust me, it's not an easy thing to say, especially when trouble hits you.  And sometimes trouble is huge--a death, a job loss, a move.  God is still good, though, and let me tell you why I say it:  His goodness doesn't change, regardless of my circumstances.  Therefore He is good, all the time, and it's a reminder that even when trouble comes, I can rely upon His goodness, and keep His perspective, not mine.

It all started one Wednesday night in March, while Fernando was away contracting for Arctek doing satellite transmissions and truck driving (work = yay!).  The Lord allowed all the circumstances to come together when this particular trouble hit.

Fernando called me while I was on the computer, so I decided to move to the family room and sit in the single chair in the corner--not my usual spot.

I was facing the corner with the now-holey ceiling, but I didn't notice anything while we were chatting about our day.  Then, I heard a drip-drip-drip.  Slow, but it was there.  Rapid fire, my mind questioned whether the snow was melting outside (icicles?), but dismissed that after I realized the temperature was in the teens that night.  Then, I realized it was coming from inside my house.

I stood up and walked over to the corner.  Water was dripping onto the floor.

Amazingly (God's providence), I had just moved the side table out from that corner a few hours earlier, since a redecorating mood hit me.  Our "boom box" was on that table, with CDs and other items.  Basically, the corner was cleared out.

I looked up, and the ceiling was bowed down, like someone had pushed a huge bowl into the drywall of the ceiling.  I started hollering at Fernando, telling him what I was hearing and seeing.  He helped me through things. 

Danny, who was nearby, ran and grabbed a bucket and the stepstool, got situated under the bowed-in ceiling, and poked the hole with a screwdriver.  He caught almost all of the water in the bucket--no water damage in the family room.  Thank You, Lord!

Under Fernando's instruction, we turned off the water to the house, and eventually the dripping stopped.

The next morning, with my Dad's help, we figured out that the leak was coming from the master bath shower stall.  The dripping shower head helped us figure it out!  When we caught the drips in a bucket, the leak stopped; so, it wasn't the shower head, but either the drain or the pipe leading from the drain.

We're still awaiting the fix, but insurance took care of the water damage, and an agent was able to cut us a check to fix the damage.

For now, there's a hole in the ceiling, and the knowledge in my heart that it could've been worse, and that God is good.  This is a small thing, and He is so gracious, even in the small things.

We can count on His goodness.  It's who He is.

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