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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Square Root Of...

(...desperately trying to catch up with blogging...)

(...and thinking that she'll just have to stay behind...)

Thomas joined Alpha Omega Math Team!  (That was in late January.)  Then, a few short weeks later, he dazedly attempted to compete with his team in the regional tournament (mid-February).  The A/O team leader, Mrs. Macwan, insisted that he compete, in order to get some experience under his belt for next year, and to help the team (only 12 students large) get extra points to try to qualify for the state tournament.

It was requested that we all bring food/snacks for the students (and for parents who stayed).  Thinking healthy, I put together chicken/cheese wraps.  Another mom thought of the teens competing and brought the below:

Real teen food!

Before the competition began, the students gathered together, and Ryan led them in prayer.  I was totally jazzed at that point.  :)

Thomas and Kirsten (below) made up one of the eight-man teams.  Yes, there were only two of them.  I felt so badly for them when they walked into their room for that particular round of competition, and eight-man teams were sitting at the other tables.  Sort of like feeding them to the lions!  They didn't seem nervous, and did great for having only two people on their team.

Once the adults found out I was a photographer, they wanted me to take their kids' pictures.  I, of course, was happy to oblige.  Here is one team picture I really like--the kids, though extremely goofy--cooperated nicely for this one.

The team sat together for the awards ceremony.  We knew that Thomas--barring a miracle--would probably not receive any awards, but we were excited to be there and to cheer on the team.  I was pretty nervous waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Here is Ryan receiving an award for one of his competitions.

After the competition, and since everyone was pretty close to home, we all met at Portillo's for a late lunch and socializing.  We didn't get out of there until almost dinnertime!  We had so much fun, though, getting to know the other parents and watching the students all have fun together.

Rah-rah, Alpha Omega!  Go Team!!  :)

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