The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Monday, September 12, 2016


Fernando was home--barely--for our anniversary.  Two in the morning counts, even if he sleeps in.  We're both struggling with nasty colds, so we're taking garlic/honey/lemon and we just "zombied" through the day.  Our celebration will have to come later, when we have time together, when we're feeling better.

I did manage to harvest some beans (a surprise) and some carrots from my garden today.

We can share germs, since we're both sick.

We look pretty decent for having bad colds, huh?  :)

I love you, Papi.  You're my best friend.  I made a list on Facebook, and I'll copy it here...

Twenty-Nine Things I Love About You

1. You love me.
2. You make me feel safe.
3. Your eyes.
4. With you, I can be my goofy, silly, quirky, weird self.
5. Family means everything.
6. You still think I’m gorgeous.
7. Your name (roll that “r”)! *swoon*
8. You have confidence in me.
9. When I go down bunny trails, you get to the heart of the matter.
10. You’re faithful.
11. Your laugh—even when I’m not in the room!
12. You work hard.
13. You love our boys.
14. Those legs, though. *leg girl*
15. You’re an immovable rock when you’ve decided something.
16. You bought me a gun.
17. You fix things—car, washer, necklace…
18. You tell me to grab my camera and let’s go for a walk.
19. When you make “tractor beam” eyes at me.
20. Your debate skills (okay, don’t love those *all* the time…)
21. Your goatee!
22. You let me call you Googly Bear. (Now everyone knows…)
23. Texting with you in the same room.
24. I’ll never come close to being as generous as you.
25. You’ll drop everything for me.
26. You run to the grocery store for me.
27. Speaking Spanish together (as bad as I am!).
28. Your open heart.
29. Your faith is genuine and real.

Happy 29th, Papi.

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