The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Life takes unexpected turns every now and again.  Last week, I expected to spend the week with the guys, cooking for them and getting stuff done at home while Fernando drove up to Grand Rapids, Michigan to cover a college hockey tournament.  I drove up to a women's Bible study on Wednesday night, and just before leaving home, I received a text:   

I have shivers & a mild fever...flu?? 

Knowing Fernando had planned on driving up to Grand Rapids super early on Friday morning, and knowing that those plans may have just changed, I drove home in logistics mode.  I can't help it; my mind just goes there--if he has the flu, will he be able to do the job?  Could I possibly drive him there?  Could he go a day early to get a full night's rest at a hotel?  Would I be involved in this trip?  Yeah, all that and more for the 30-minute drive.  I wish I could turn it off, but alas...

Sure enough, he was feverish, sweaty, then chilled and shivering.  Flat on his back--fortunately all night--then through the first part of Thursday morning.  When he got the okay to get a hotel for Thursday night, I threw some clothes in my bag and was ready to go (I'm getting to be an expert at this!!).

We got a hotel about eight miles from the arena where Fernando would be working, and he got a good night of sleep.  He was still chilled, then feverish, in the morning, but we made it to the arena and he used all his strength to get the truck set up and ready for transmitting the games that would be played throughout the afternoon and evening.

We grabbed lunch at a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings (my first time there--should I have a bucket list for these things??  I hardly eat out anywhere...) and got back to the truck for the first transmission of several on Friday; WCHA (Western Collegiate Hockey Association) tournament was what he was covering this weekend.

Buses would pull up and let out players or cheerleaders or band members, and the band from Michigan Tech was the most colorful and unique.  I'm not sure if those were regulation uniforms (one tuba player was shirtless--interesting!), but they certainly were memorable!

Fernando worked, I read, or took pictures, or worked crossword puzzles, or took phone calls...

My view of the parking lot out the front window of Arctek Purple.

We got a ride (thanks, Gressler!!) to the Holiday Inn in downtown Grand Rapids, and we slept in the next morning.  Fernando's fever broke, and he was ready for a Saturday of work.

In both the hotels here, the tap water was, um, brown.  Yes.  We brought in bottled water, and I had a nice mug of tea and a good read while Fernando showered and got ready.

Since we checked out of the hotel that morning, we had to lug all our stuff back to the truck--one mile away:  Fernando had his roller suitcase, a backpack with computer, and his C-PAP.  I rolled my suitcase, along with my camera bag, my computer bag, and oh, of course--my purse (it's the tiniest thing, but I felt every ounce).  Downtown Grand Rapids was so pretty!  We stopped on the bridge so I could take a cell phone picture--the most I could manage with all my stuff.

After unloading everything into the truck, we walked halfway back to the hotel to go to Panera so Fernando could get some breakfast.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast/lunch there, while hordes of high schoolers invaded (they were in town for a competition for some college scholarship program).

 Me at Panera.  Yes, I drank coffee.

I brought Bella with me, so we stopped along the way back to the truck so I could take some proper pictures.

The B.O.B. -- Big Old Building.

Here's a sight I don't normally see:  the front of the arena!

Van Andel Arena.

Van Andel Arena, with window reflections.

We spent a boring Saturday afternoon--boring is good as it means no issues with the transmission--and when Fernando got the Good Night from the production truck, he was out and disconnecting cables, stowing the antenna, and packing up for the trip home.  I do what I can, while staying out of his way--moving suitcases from the front to the side so they can be loaded in the back, cleaning up stuff lying around, maybe putting his computer away.

I stared at the passenger seat which Fernando turns around to face the interior of the truck so I'm not staring out of the front window with my back to him.  He turns it around each time, and he turns it back.  He "showed" me how to do it a few times, and I've tried it, but I could never get it turned around.  I guess there's a lever there somewhere, but it just never worked for me.  Dense woman.

This time, I figured I'd try again.  Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle, and guess what?  I got that thing turned around frontward!  I was tickled, and felt quite accomplished.  When Fernando had a break and I knew I wouldn't be interrupting him, I showed him.  One fist bump later, we finished packing up.

Fernando started to crash after everything was ready to go, so he asked me to drive him home.  He dozed on and off on the trip home, then focused on staying awake for the remainder of the trip.  I was so happy to have been useful, to Fernando, to Arctek, really.  Being useful is somewhat archaic, but not to me.  It's who I am.

I'm glad I got to be me last week.

Back to life,

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