The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Convention Blessings

This year, Melinda Boring came back to present workshops for families who are homeschooling with struggling learners or special needs.  I have to tell you, I really love Melinda.  And she is anything but boring.  She stubbornly, willingly pours out her heart every minute of the convention, to make sure every person who comes to her is ministered to.  She even has her meals brought to her, so she doesn't take time out of talking to people.  That's just who she is, and she's pretty special.

I took just two quick pictures of Melinda's most popular workshop.  We crammed as many as we could inside the room, and several stood outside the doors or in the hallway.  This workshop was the same way when she came several years ago.  What a blessing that so many got to listen to her share her wisdom and knowledge!

For me, this year's convention was very different, in an amazingly special way.  I had a personal assistant!  Jake's girlfriend Allie came to stay with us for convention week, and she helped coordinate all of Melinda's workshops.  Jake was able to get Friday off (convention runs Wednesday night through Saturday afternoon), so he and Allie took over all my responsibilities.  There was a reason for this!

At our convention each year, Bret and Michelle set up a very special room called the Oasis.  It's quiet and peaceful, with beautiful little tables and chairs, with centerpieces and bowls with mints.  There's a larger table with helpful books, brochures, and pamphlets, and the Oasis is staffed with volunteers who are veteran homeschoolers who take the time to minister to anyone who walks in and has questions, needs help, or wants prayer.  Adrianne, my friend and "assistant" with all things special needs, usually spends all her time here throughout the convention, talking with parents who come in with questions regarding struggling learners or special needs students.  This year, however, she was rarely in due to her being ICHE's webmaster and having other very important duties.  Bret and Michelle let me know this, and since Jake and Allie handled the workshops, I could be in the Oasis.

I spent most of my time here, talking to person after person, couple after couple.  I was so blessed, even if I couldn't answer the specific questions.  Just to be a listening ear, a sympathetic heart, and a praying tongue to encourage those who came in--what a privilege to minister in this way.

Jake and Allie helped make that happen for me.  What a blessing those two were to me.

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