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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Simplify -- How to Fold a Shirt

Or, How to Fit your Clothes in the Drawer.


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T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, Cuddl-Duds...

I love this method as a space-saver!  However, let me say this--if you have a ton of t-shirts, please declutter them first!  Do you really need 40?  Or 30?  There are some of you who have that many.  Honestly--you can't wear that many, and you should assess exactly what you're wearing.  Remember, this is a Simplify blog post; the idea is to simplify your life--house, clothing, schedule, etc.--so that you have time for people, not things; so that things don't control you; so that you have what you love and love every thing that you have.

This method of folding will help you maximize your space, meaning you can fit almost twice as many items in the same space, all while being able to see every single piece of clothing.  See the photo above--you can see every shirt and pair of shorts I own (okay, one pair of shorts isn't folded, but you can still see it!).

Keep in mind that this method of folding takes a few seconds longer than any method you've probably been using.  So if you plan on keeping a ton of clothes, you will be spending extra time taking care of them.  Eliminate the extra, maximize your space, maximize your time.  It's that easy.

Folded laundry waiting to be put away.

The Method.

Here are the steps, with the corresponding picture below each step.

1.  Lay the shirt face down on a flat surface.  (My shirt is hanging over a bit.)

2.  Fold in one side (doesn't matter which side you start with) in, on a line about even with the neck.

3.  Fold the sleeve back, thus:

4.  Fold the other side over, just like the first side.

5.  Fold the sleeve back in.

6.  Fold the bottom up a bit to hide the bottom hem edge.  (Since my guys are men, these shirts are long, and I fold the bottoms up quite a bit.  For children's shirts, you'll fold a lot less up.)

7.  Take the bottom and fold it upwards in half.

8.  Take the bottom again and fold it upwards in half.

9.  Flip the shirt over, et voila!  It's ready to go into your drawer, folded side up.

10.  Place the shirt vertically, seam side down and fold side up, in your drawer.

Once you fold two or three shirts, you'll quickly get the hang of it.  Below, you can see each item, which can be taken out instead of rooted through to find the right one.  Because of the fold on the bottom, the clothing items stay upright even when you remove one from the drawer.

Unmentionables.  ;)

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