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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simplify -- My Project Desk


Our Goal

A simple and beautiful house
that the Lord can use as a peaceful haven
for my family and others.

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After decluttering our master bedroom, I found myself looking over at my project desk every time I was in my room.  It was time to tackle another project.  This desk was in a different part of our room several years ago, and here's what it looked like then, along the northwest wall  Now, the desk sits next to the bed along the southeast wall, and I use the edge on the right for my Bible and clock, sort of a "nightstand" section.

This desk very easily gets cluttered, and I rarely do projects any more.  I'm in the midst of selling all my scrapbooking supplies--punches, stickers, paper, scissors--because I'd like to convert my photos to digital format for online storage and for creating memory books.

Random family photos and scrapbooking supplies...

I bought this three-tier organizer at a garage sale for a buck, cleaned it up, and it now holds various crafting supplies.  It could stand a little decluttering, too.

I spotted a few buttons on my desk as well.  These belong to a number of articles of clothing that are missing buttons (or are extra buttons for them).  I'd have to pull out my sewing organizer to put the buttons away.

Below is my sewing organizer.  The little containers pull out, then snap back into place.  Each container has several compartments for organizing.  Over time, this piece became my sewing organizer, and guess what?  I don't sew.  I do save buttons from clothing, though--you know, the extra ones that come with sweaters, dresses, coats, etc.?  And every now and then, I need thread to fix a tear, or sew on a loose button.  I've amassed quite the sewing collection over the years.  This is where I started the day's decluttering.

One of the organizer's compartments.

I started pulling out thread, snaps, hooks, buttons, needles, ack!  Where did all this stuff come from??

I set these buttons in one compartment for saving, since they're for clothing items I still own.

Most of the thread I had amassed was in the red or blue palette.

I bagged up most of the buttons in little jewelry bags I already had, and collected all the spools of thread together.

Below are the spools of color I saved, since they're basic colors I know I'll be able to use in the future.

And since at this point, that jewelry organizer was empty, I used this other empty storage container to store my sewing items, as you can see below.

What are these keys doing in this post?  I found them in the single desk drawer.  I cut out tags and attached them to the keys, labeling the ones I knew.  I hung all the keys in our key box in the back hallway by the kitchen.  Hopefully we can figure out what the keys are used for!  If not, after a while I'll just drop them in the trash.

Well, my project desk project turned into a sewing organizer project!  I donated the thread, buttons, and other sewing items to two ladies at church, and sold the sewing organizer to a lady whose son loved to organize his Legos.  Bingo!

I will share more on this desk in a future post.  For now, I'm happy that I got rid of so many little items.

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