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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time for a Project!

Do you need encouragement to get all those unfinished projects completed?  Need some help or ideas?  Click above to visit CelticMom, the hostess for Tackle-It Tuesday, to learn more and to participate!!

Ahh, I feel like working on a project today!  I think I'll sit at my project desk--where I make cards and work on scrapbooking--and make a card for Tim and Evy's wedding this Saturday.  Last week, my main project was to clean off, de-clutter, and organize my project desk so that I could do a project!  :)

I wish like mad I could've taken "before" and "during" photos, but I couldn't until Saturday--oh happy of days--when my dear "Ellie" arrived by overnight express from the repair company after 31 days of absence.  But I digress.

I worked on this project with my friend and project accountability partner, Helen.  We call each other at a particular time, share our projects, then work for a designated time, calling each other to check in once during the project time, then once at the end.  I thought I was simply going to de-clutter and put everything away, but ack, there was dust on everything.  So I grabbed the dust cloth and cleaned each item before I set it on the floor.  I had to damp-wipe the desk, which was pretty messed up.  Once the desktop surface was clean, I replaced the lamp and a few larger items.  I put every small item in its place (a place for everything...), then started arranging the larger items (bins and holders and such) on the desktop.

I had purchased two stackable trays for my rubber stamp ink pads, but you won't see those in the picture!  The story:  I stopped at Joann Fabrics earlier in the week, and happened to see the trays.  I bought two, and the cashier let me use both a "40% off one item" coupon and a "10% off total order" coupon!  So I paid only about $7 for both of them.  They didn't hold the ink pads like I wanted--they were wide enough but too deep--but they would work.

Then, on Saturday, I did some power garage-sale-ing with my mom, and happened upon a stackable three-tray set-up.  I asked the lady how much they were, and quickly paid her the 50 cents after my shock wore off.  They were filthy, but they easily washed up and they fit two side-by-side stacks of ink pads.  Perfect.  You can see the three stacking trays on the right-hand corner of my desk below.

My clean project desk is calling me to work!
On the desk, from left to right:  lamp, storage caddy for brads/eyelets/etc., ribbon box (90% off at the scrapbook store), stackable bins with ink pads and other supplies, and a phone (because it has no other place to go!).

Tim and Evy's wedding invitation sits on the wooden project board, waiting for me to make it into a wedding card.  I have just two things left to do:  purchase another CFC bulb for the two-bulb lamp (it has only ever had one bulb in it!), and return the two trays to the store for a refund, yay!

This week's main projects:

  • Make Tim and Evy's wedding card!
  • Finish sewing a modesty panel in my dress for the wedding this Saturday
  • Get chemistry supplies (recently returned to me) put back in order on my homeschool shelves

Trust me, there are other projects calling my name, but the above have deadlines.  Really soon.  So I need to get to work!

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