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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Golden Gift at Christmas -- Part Two

You can read about the first part of our Christmas Day celebration here.

After our white elephant gift exchange, and after we had additional sustenance to make it through the rest of our afternoon, we had our parents sit on their couch, and presented them with a long-overdue gift.

Dad was being goofy, as usual.

I mentioned that my parents' 50th wedding anniversary occurred in June.  We weren't able to celebrate it together, since they had just sold their house and were living in their Lake Bonaparte home until their new house was built here.  There were only one or two occasions for our whole family to get together, so the date for presenting this gift ended up getting pushed back until Christmas.

We put together a memory book for them, spanning their early years of life, their years together, their wedding, and all the memories since.  We asked, and many family and friends sent us pictures and words and thoughts and stories, and we included all of that in the book.  I love the below picture best, with the family gathered around, laughing as they took a stroll down Memory Lane.

Though it's late, we wish you a Happy Golden Anniversary, Dad and Mom!

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