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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two in the Kitchen

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  If you're blog-hopping today, I wish you the Lord's blessings on this special day!

Jacob is home from WIU for this week!  Here's what he did on Sunday, when he had his buddies and their families over for the afternoon/evening:

Boys will be boys, no matter their ages...

Two days before Thanksgiving, on this Tuesday afternoon, I decided to start baking the pies we would bring to my parents' new home, where we are celebrating Thanksgiving this year.  Jacob was home from college for the week, and he wanted to join me in the kitchen.  So, we made tea, then we made pies.  Together.  :)

Sun streaming in the window on baking day.

The buttermilk pie is ready to go in the oven.

Ball of dough waiting for its pie plate.

Pecan pie.

The kitchen got rather messy--naturally!

Three pies.

Jacob set about getting things ready to make the crumble topping for the French apple pie.  At one point, I looked over and saw this:

He had the butter all ready to add to the crumble mix.  :)

Buttermilk pie!

French apple pie waiting for its turn in the oven.

Pecan pie.

Fudge pie--a new recipe to try this year.

Clockwise from back left:  French apple, pecan, buttermilk, fudge pie.

All that baking, all afternoon, makes one very tired.  The guys made hotdogs for dinner, but I whipped up some comfort food for myself, and the boys and I shared some Izze.

Hope your Thanksgiving is spent in joyful celebration with the ones you love!

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