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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Is Not Our Stuff!

The day had finally come!  We were so excited, and not just for us.

This is not our stuff!

We had stored a garage full of stuff for my parents as they sold their house and waited while a new one was built.  And the day was here--moving day.  They had already had their moving/storage company come on a Thursday, and we were ready for an all-day Friday and all-day Saturday moving event for the remaining items that were stored at our house.

Getting the truck ready for loading.

Fat wood!

Housewarming gift.

The sky threatened rain, so Danny thoughtfully got the truck bed covered.  He got creative with tying the tarp down after we searched but couldn't find the real tie-downs.

My parents' new place!


I was so focused on unwrapping each kitchen item, that I simply tossed the packing paper aside.  Here's what it looked like after just two (large) boxes.

Mom had to get into her bedroom...

Later, Joseph kindly and diligently folded it all.

We had a good start on the kitchen.

Day Two.

Saturday--Fernando was involved this time.  The guys quickly went to work getting the truck, and the Suburban, loaded with everything.  We loaded a lot of the rest of the stuff from the garage, and we also loaded everything from the basement.

No time for pictures at my parents' house--my brothers and sister-in-law were also there, and we spent all afternoon unpacking, moving, eating pizza, coughing (Char and I were both sick), and unpacking some more.  And playing.  :)

We didn't know what this thing was, so my brothers and I decided to try it out as a tandem walker.

We thought my parents should try it, too, but they didn't quite know what direction to go in.

Really, it's the base for a Ping-Pong table.  Why they have a Ping-Pong table still, I'm not sure.  But we had fun with it, anyway.

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