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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pickin' Time!

Joseph, Jacob, Thomas, and I headed out last weekend to Michigan.  Berrien Springs, to be exact, to a place called Stovers U-Pick.  We went there for... apples.  Mmmmm...

We picked up one of my borrowed daughters, Gabrielle, and headed east and north, hoping the rain would hold off for us.

Well, the rain came.  And stayed.  Ironically, it cleared up just as we left!  We met several church families there, and we ended up spending most--well, all--of our day with the M. family.  Guaranteed good time.  :)

Jonathan was not too happy about the rain.

You'll be seeing a lot of umbrellas in my photos today.  So, we picked and picked, and picked some more, and helped others pick, too.

At least he has an apple named after him!

Jacob picked under the shelter of the tree.

No climbing allowed!

Thomas and Joseph were good pickers!

Typical scene.  No umbrella?  Use a tree.

Part of the M. family

Another part of the M. family.  ;)

Jacob helped out

So many apples...!

C'mon, it's girls!  I loved spending time with them.  I love that they didn't mind.  :)

Getting our apples weighed

Raspberries?  Did someone say raspberries?  A few were left, and I gave Jacob the task of picking every single red raspberry he could find.

Grapes?  Stovers has grapes?  We picked some of them, too!

Mr. M. picked some grapes for us.  :)

Squash?  Seriously?  Okay, we picked some squash, then got out of there quickly before we found something else to pick.

That bag of squash was heavy!

We left Stovers with the M. family, and instead of heading over to the Michigan dunes (we decided we didn't want to sit around on wet, cold sand?) we ended up in a caravan of two, winding our way around back roads until a better driver/navigator than I found the designated Bob Evans Restaurant.  We ended up having lunch around 3:00pm!  Lunch time was filled with laughter, friends, and good food.  We had a great day together.

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