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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our 2015 Christmas

We anticipated a very simple Christmas again this year, with a quiet day spent with family at my brother's home.  Quiet = peaceful and calm, without any "rush of the season" or excessive gift-giving. 

At the beginning of the month, after we came home from California, I appreciated the simplicity of this year's Christmas season.  But, I really wanted a tree, simple yet beautiful to fill our home with a Christmas-y atmosphere.  And a few weeks before Christmas Day, Fernando surprised me.

"Let's go out and get a tree--right now!" he said one balmy afternoon.  We drove to a local farm which rents their space to a Michigan tree farm each year.  A friendly employee greeted us, and within literally two minutes we had found our tree--a little bigger than I wanted, but it had just been put out and was perfect.

Fernando and Joseph carried it in and got it set up.  This year, we located the tree stand first, before heading out to get our tree.  *Ahem*  It's much easier this way, than having to stand in the living room holding a tree while someone runs around searching for the stand, only to find it exactly where I thought I had put it (its logical resting place) the year before.

I collect ornaments, just one or two each year--snowflakes, leaves (my new obsession), and glass icicles.  I'm slowly adding beautiful pieces to my collection, until our tree will one day be covered with unique and memorable ornaments.

The weekend before Christmas, Fernando and I headed out in the car to see some local homes decorated for the holidays.  Here are are few of my favorites.

Christmas Day was spent at Jeff's; although he's a bachelor, he can certainly make his home look festive.

The day was spent playing together, eating (pretty much all day--brunch, snacks, more snacks, main meal, and dessert!), going for a walk, and lots of conversation and laughter.  Jake had to work, so he drove over mid-afternoon, and our little clan was complete.

My sister-in-law gave a goody bag, filled with sweet and salty treats, to the boys.  My parents gave each of the boys gift cards to their favorite restaurants, plus Andy's Custard (the lucky dogs!!).  I gave my Mom a Pampered Chef gadget she had wanted, and I gave Fernando tickets to see Brian Regan in concert next month!!  (Maybe that one was more for me than for him...)

After a fun- and food-filled day, everyone headed home.

We hope you had a beautiful, peaceful and calm Christmas Day with your loved ones!!

Back to life,

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