The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Simplify -- Bedroom Dresser


Our Goal

A simple and beautiful house
that the Lord can use as a peaceful haven
for my family and others.

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Part of having a simple house is that it works for you.  What I mean by that is this:  your stuff doesn't own you, and you are in control of your stuff.  You're able to live your life, and your "stuff" helps you do that.  It does take a few minutes' extra effort, but it saves so much in the long run!  Let me show you in pictures.

We're back in my master bedroom again, looking at the entry door and the dresser sitting just inside the room.  My long-term goal is to get rid of the dresser (Gasp!  Yes!) once we get some kind of closet organizer in our master closet.  Then a simple table (like an open sideboard) will sit here, to display my doily from Italy, my jewelry box from Korea, the candle holders, and the lamp.

Inside the dresser, I've organized the clothing so that everything can be found immediately, without sifting through stacks of things--these are shorts, workout sweats, long underwear, and t-shirts.  See what I mean about making your stuff work for you?

I'll share the method for folding (sometimes called the sushi method) in a future post (have to take pictures, haha!), but you can also look for a YouTube video, I think by the same name.  You'll find the same method there.

I decluttered this drawer, and now I own seven t-shirts, two pairs of sweats, two pairs of long underwear, and three pairs of shorts.  Seven tees seem like a lot to me, but a couple are grubby ones for gardening and sweaty chores, one is specifically a workout shirt, and the other four are for "general use."  I think that's okay, and I might just pare them down a little more once everything moves to the closet.

Yeah, I'm being brave to show you my bra drawer!  I nestle them together; they're underwire, so this seems to help them keep their shape best.  That bright teal item is my swimsuit, and behind it is my beach towel.  Next to the beach towel are sports bras and two specialty bras (with built-in lace panels for modesty) because hey--I need those.  Really.

Eight regular bras (seven in the drawer, one on me!)--yeah, that's a lot, I think.  I just purchased four of them, and am keeping the four old ones as long as they do their job.  If they still hold up well (they're Soma; they are amazing and last), I may donate them (Soma has a bra donation event the beginning of each year).  For now they stay, and trust me, I wear every one of them.

Using the same method of folding as with my t-shirts, I figured I'd try it on my underwear, trouser socks, and stockings.  I was able to combine two drawers into one with this method, and still have a bit of room left over.  Yeah, too much underwear.  I'll have to evaluate that soon.

Below is the top center drawer--pretty empty now!

Here's a now-empty drawer!  I'm on my way to saying bye-bye to this dresser!  And yes, even though I love this dresser, its style, the cedar-lined bottom drawers, it really is time to let go of it.  It's hard to keep it dusted, and more empty drawers means I have to fight to not purchase more stuff.

On to my beautiful inlaid pearl jewelry box, a gift from Fernando on his travels to Korea.  Right now, here's what's in it.  Burglars beware--the two pairs of pearl earrings are gone now, as are the rings.  There's really only $100 or so of minimal items in here, so no use trying to find my house.  Plus we're gun owners.  'Nuff said, okay?

To show you I haven't reached perfection, here's Fernando's junk drawer.  I told you I don't mess with other people's stuff.  He's very ready to go through this drawer now, so it won't look like this for long!

I just can't end this post with a nasty picture.  Here are a few prettier ones of candle holders on my dresser.  I love these!

There, that's better.

Back to life,

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