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Monday, September 23, 2013

Cleaning the Back Yard, Part Two

To see my back yard at its worst, click here.  :)

I'm not afraid to post before pictures.  I mean, we're all so used to seeing gorgeous images of neat and tidy spaces, both indoors and out.  However, we all have those nasty places we don't want people to see.  Oh, c'mon, am I the only one?  I'm not the best house cleaner, and the yard--well, that suffers even more!  I can barely remember to remind the guys to mow and weed-whack.  When Fernando starts to make a stink, I know it's time to get on the guys to do it.

Anyway, this particular post picks up midway through the cleaning process.  Here's the progress at the end of the last pick-up session:

Looks pretty good, huh?  Well, along that back fence are random piles of wood that haven't been moved to the new, official woodpile yet.  So, that's what my guys were doing below:

Now, I have to be honest with you.  We created this stack of wood during the last clean-up day, and today, we had to do things a bit backwards.  You see, once we got to the bottom of the old pile along the other fence side, we discovered (and remembered) railroad ties that were keeping the wood from rotting right into the ground and soil.  So the project became--move the new woodpile wood out of the way, move the railroad ties to the new location, then replace all the wood on top of the railroad ties.  Not the best planning, but it wasn't a super-huge project and the guys got it done.

Below you can see the railroad ties along the bottom of the pile.

We placed huge logs at the end of the stacks, and we plan to cut them once we get hold of an axe or something.  My dad has something we can use...

Thomas and Danny work on the stack.

You can see all the mess and random wood piles along the fence on the right.

Danny worked on picking all the wood up, then weeding as much as he could.

Now it's looking pretty good!

Below, all the wood is stacked, all neat and tidy and ready for this winter and our fireplace!

But, the project is not done.  This (below) is the very back corner (see, I'm still not embarrassed!), and stacked back there are the leftover boards from our hardwood flooring project.  We had reclaimed the hardwood from the church behind our house when they demolished their very old building and built a new one to its side.  This remainder is piled every which way, and awaits sawing and stacking.  Our problem lies with the sawing part.

My Dad, the fabulous man that he is, has a power saw of some sort (don't ask me what kind), and we'll probably have him bring it over to get the rest of this section of yard all spruced up.  But that's a project for another day!

Back to life,

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