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Friday, February 8, 2013

On My Way to a Pretty Pantry

Read all the way to the end for an update!

For a while now, I've been using canning jars and other jars for food storage in my pantry.  I've recently begun to change out labels--and add labels where there weren't any--on the jars, all in an effort to beautify my pantry.

Here are my jars of granola:

I used a free font called Nickelodeon, in a larger font size so I can read the labels.  My, I must be getting old.  ;)

For the labels, I simply typed out each label into a Word document in my chosen font and size, printed out the sheet, and cut out each label.

I store jars three deep on the shelves, mostly because that's what fits.  Here's a close-up of the various labels I started with today:

I use plain ol' packing/shipping tape.  For this particular labeling session, I used the leftover heavy-duty shipping tape from my parents' recent move.  Trust me, the regular stuff works just as well and I prefer it.  This tape is just a little thicker, but it worked just fine.

I ripped of a section of tape and affixed a label onto the tape so that the label could be read when I secured the tape to the jar.  It feels a little like you're doing it backwards, but you're not.  You can see the bubbles in the tape on the jars below.

Aren't they just so pretty?  Here is a jar of my homemade taco seasoning:

I attached the amounts for making tacos to the back of the jar.  If you want my recipe, click here.

As I labeled the jars, I put them back in the pantry.  I'm nowhere near done, because I'm trying to replace smaller jars with larger ones, so I'm working in sections.  Here is the final photo from my afternoon labeling session:

I have big dreams for my pantry, but they'll have to wait.  It takes money to build shelves where there are no shelves!  For now, my two metal shelving units suffice, as they have for 15 years.  They may not be pretty, but they are definitely functional.  I'll save the pretty for the jars and labels.


I've since replaced every one of the above labels.  (Such is the way when you're a natural-born compulsive organizer!)  I added just one thing to my labels:  borders.  I used one-cell charts in Microsoft Word 2010 and chose a simple, clean border, which made cutting out each label in straight lines very easy, plus it made for a neater, prettier appearance.  Here below is the result, so enjoy!

If you like the "Lunch and Snacks" storage box above, click here to see how I made ("prettified") this free storage box!

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