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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Danny Sings!!

Danny signed up for the UIC University Choir this semester, but something funny happened.  The choir director, Dr. Anderson, emailed his name over to the Chamber Choir director, Mr. Lewis, for consideration.  Danny sang a few scales and he was in the smaller, exclusive choir!

Another exciting fact:  Danny was singing a solo!  There is his name, in the program:

The first concert was held at Notre Dame de Chicago Church, a beautiful setting for what I thought was the best UIC concert I had ever heard.

The church's dome.

The combined choirs entered the sanctuary and ringed the seats with music before moving to the front.

If you want to hear the Danny and the UIC Chamber Choir sing, click on the link below!

We took pictures afterwards to commemorate the evening.  We met Mr. Lewis, who praised Danny's talents and singing ability.  We are so thankful that Danny was able to sing with this group, which Mr. Lewis said was the best in all his years leading the Chamber Choir!

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